Advantages of Getting Facial Plastic Surgery in the Spring

Springtime is known for being the time for rejuvenation, growth, rebirth, and renewal—not just in nature but also for you. Spring allows us to start fresh after the dormant months of winter. Spring offers those considering plastic surgery a blend of the convenience of summer with the cool weather of winter to undergo and recover from their rejuvenating procedure.

Dr. Malena Amato can create a surgical plan that outlines what you will need to help recover from your surgery. Here are some highlights on how the spring and early summer months can help promote a more relaxed, stress-free recovery time.

What Is Needed During Your Recovery Time?

Dr. Amato understands that every individual experience is personal, and therefore, every patient has unique needs. Plastic surgery can cause significant stress to your body. Depending on the type of surgery you choose, from mid facelift or mini facelifteyelid revision, or brow or forehead lift, your body will require plenty of time to adjust and recover after the procedure to ensure that you achieve your ideal results.


For any time of recovery, your body will need ample time to sleep. When we sleep, our body intrinsically takes that time to recover. Swelling can go down, bruising can subside, and it’s an opportunity for your body to recalibrate to any reduction in skin or fat tissue. This is best achieved at your own home and in your own bed.

Nutrition and Hydration

Our nutrition is so essential to our mental and physical health. With healthy food and plenty of water, your body can recover more quickly after your plastic surgery.

When at home, it is easier to choose fresh vegetables, fruits, and items heavy in protein that will help promote healing. Also, be sure to include essential vitamins with your meals that help boost collagen and support your immune system so that your body can focus all of its attention on healing.

Plenty of water will help to flush toxins from your system and hydrate your skin. When our skin is hydrated, it’s easier for it to heal with less noticeable scarring.

Focusing only on rest, hydration, and nutrition during your recovery is easier to do when you don’t need to worry about other commitments— this is why spring is the ideal time to schedule your procedure.

The Benefits of Spring


Spring weather is some of the best weather of the year. The snow has stopped, and the temperature remains between a comfortable 60 to 70 degrees. Baggy clothes are still acceptable and comfortable to wear and poolside parties in the Austin heat aren’t picking up yet. This means no tempting outside activities, so you can protect your delicate incisions and sutures from scarring due to too much sun exposure.


Parents who still have children in school can have the house to themselves to recover. For college students, spring break provides ample time to undergo and recover from plastic surgery without having to worry about classes or social engagements.


In the spring and early summer, all of the big holidays have long passed, which means no holiday parties, stress, or in-store shopping. You can heal and recover now so that when the summer and the holidays do come around, you’ll be looking and feeling your best.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas

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