The Best In Texas For Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, more commonly referred to as Eyelid Surgery, is an excellent procedure to lift eyelids that may have sagged or dropped over time, leaving you looking as young as you feel! Learn more about how eyelid surgery may be a great option for you in our infographic below.   Ready to schedule a consultation? Click… Read More »

Complete Your Summer Look with a Liquid Facelift

Summer is finally in full swing! The sun shines bright, barbecues are blazing, and sundresses, shorts, and flip flops have been pulled from the closet. While the possibilities of summer fun are endless, this season can also bring up a whole set of anxieties about wrinkles, unwanted lines, and skin aging. Even those with every… Read More »

The Differences Between Men & Women for Facial Plastic Surgery

Though cosmetic surgery patients were once almost exclusively women, times have changed, and so have societal norms. Now, more adults than ever – both men and women alike – are opting for cosmetic procedures to improve their self-esteem or provide them with the anti-aging benefits they desire to be more competitive in the job market… Read More »