What Can a Brow Lift Do for You?

Your eyebrows are one of the most defining features on your face. They show expression, express emotions, and complement the shape of your eyes. Everyone wants beautiful eyebrows, but as you get older, you may find your self-confidence is hard to come by.   Your eyebrow position relies on taut forehead skin. Eventually, collagen loss… Read More »

Get Your Glow Back with These Top 5 Treatments

If you live in the great state of Texas, you are no stranger to dry, cracked skin due to the extreme heat of summer and the bitter chill of winter. Perhaps you’ve done everything you can think of to protect your skin from the harsh elements: you wear sun protection, you moisturize, and you drink… Read More »

Why Facelifts Are Popular During the Holidays

Have you been looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Why not give one to yourself? If you are growing tired of relying on injectables to ward off the effect of aging, maybe it’s time to take advantage of the season with a mid-facelift or a mini facelift while the weather is cooler, and… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. As a form of cancer that begins in melanocytes (cells that make the pigment melanin), melanoma rates are rising rapidly, especially in younger people. To better understand how best to prevent and treat melanoma, it’s essential to start building an awareness of this skin-damaging disease. Dr. Malena… Read More »

The Latest and Greatest Non-invasive Techniques

Whether you’re in your early 20s, mid-30s, or going into your 40s, you’ve probably considered one or more non-invasive procedures to help add some volume in a particular area or smooth away lines and wrinkles. Perhaps you’ve envied a friend’s results or took note of a celebrity’s reported treatment. Whatever may have piqued your interest,… Read More »

How a TCA Peel Can Improve Your Skin This Summer!

Summertime is for making lasting memories at the beach or by the pool, but all that time in the sun can damage your skin, leaving you with fine lines, sunspots, and itchy dry patches. All this sun-damaged skin can make you appear older than you actually are. But while it can be incredibly stubborn to… Read More »

Xeomin vs. Botox- What Is the Difference?

When it came to injectable, anti-aging solutions, Botox® was once the only injectable available for treating facial lines and wrinkles. But now, that’s no longer the case. New products such as Xeomin® mean that now you have a choice on how you want to restore your skin’s youthful radiance. The choice between Xeomin® or Botox®… Read More »