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Cosmetic Facelift

Cosmetic Facelift in Austin with Dr. Marie Somogyi

With each passing year, our skin and tissues naturally lose their once-youthful elasticity, and gravity takes effect leading to sagging skin and deep wrinkles that distort our once smooth features. A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that lifts and tightens sagging facial skin and tissue to restore the prominent jaw, chin, and cheekbones of your youth.


A facelift procedure will be customized for each patient.  It has the ability to lift and restore the soft tissues back into place to return to a natural, more youthful appearance.  In doing so, this can remove excess skin, smoothing skin folds and wrinkles, and tightening loose facial tissues. The customization of your individual facelift may also include volume augmentation to restore volume loss that occurs with aging as well as skin treatments, such as laser resurfacing or chemical peels, to address the quality and texture of the skin.  Focusing on your specific areas of concern, you and your surgeon can determine the best technique to reach your goals.  

What Can a Cosmetic Facelift Accomplish?

Over time, the effects of gravity, genetics, volume loss, and sun exposure may become more apparent. Some patients feel that their outward appearance does not reflect how they feel, and a facelift can help address these specific issues many men and women face as they age:


  • Deep creases in the face
  • Jowls
  • Loose facial skin in the lower third portion of the face
  • Depressions where a lack of subcutaneous fat has created a hollow effect
  • “Turkey neck” caused by loose skin
  • Double chin caused by loose skin or excessive submental fat
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Skin folds around the mouth and nose


A facelift is the gold standard to address lower facial aging, but does not treat all conditions, such as drooping eyebrows, drooping upper and lower eyelids, or lower eyelid bags.  However, your surgeon can recommend other procedures that may suit you. In most cases, facelifts are combined with other procedures such as neck lift, upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid lift, or brow lift to create balanced results amongst your features.

How to Prepare for Your Facelift

When considering a facelift, you will first meet with a facial plastic surgeon for a consultation to discuss your goals of surgery.  During your consultation, you’ll be asked to provide detailed information about your medical history, including previous surgeries, present or past health issues, and any medications, vitamins, or supplements you are currently taking.

Some medical conditions, such as uncontrolled blood pressure, issues with blood clotting, and the tendency to develop excessive scars, should be mentioned as they can lead to complications before or after surgery. 

During your consultation, your surgeon will conduct a comprehensive facial evaluation, including your skin, underlying soft tissue, and bone structure. Your hairline will also be examined to determine where the incision will be placed most discreetly.

If you decide that you would like to move forward with surgery and your surgeon confirms that you’re a good candidate for the procedure, they will thoroughly explain your options regarding the facelift technique, the anesthesia used, and the risks and benefits involved. At this time, you can ask your surgeon any questions and address your concerns and expectations revolving around your surgery.

How a Facelift Is Performed

A facelift at Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is typically performed in an outpatient surgical center. For your safety and comfort during the procedure, you’ll be given general anesthesia that will keep you asleep for the entirety of the procedure. The length of the procedure is dependent upon the technique and particular procedures included for your surgery.  


There are many different types of facelift techniques that can be used. Based on your features and cosmetic goals, your surgeon will select the method that best suits your needs. Your surgeon will begin the procedure with an incision in the hairline just above and in front of the ear, extending the incision downward just in front of the ear. The incision typically continues around the bottom of the earlobe, behind the ear, and along the hairline, making it easy to conceal with your hair or cosmetics.


Once the incisions are in place, your skin will be raised outward so your surgeon can reposition and tighten the underlying muscles and connective tissues. As a result, some fat may be removed, as well as any excess skin. In some cases, the deeper tissues must be repositioned to help rejuvenate your youthful contours. Commonly, a necklift is to be performed at the same time, in which case, an incision may be placed beneath your chin to give your surgeon better access to the submental fat and to smooth and tighten the muscles of the neck.


Once your surgeon has reached the necessary degree of sculpting and tightening, they will close the incisions with fine sutures and surgical staples. Drains may be used at the time of surgery to help alleviate any collection of fluid and are typically removed 24-48 hours after surgery.  A medical dressing will be applied to protect the entire area following your surgery.

Ready to book your procedure?

If you are ready to take the next step, or simply want more information about a procedure, please contact our team! Dr. Amato and Dr. Somogyi look forward to speaking with you soon!

What to Expect from Your Facelift Recovery?

Recovery after your facelift will occur in stages, and everyone patient’s experience is different. When surgery is complete, you’ll be taken into the recovery room where you will be monitored. In most cases, you’ll be permitted to return home after a few hours of being awake. If you experience discomfort, your surgeon can prescribe pain medications to help keep you comfortable during the first few days of your recovery.


Some bruising and swelling are expected after surgery. A bandage will also be wrapped around your face to help minimize swelling and help the skin and tissue adjust to their new shape. We also recommend that you can also sleep with your head elevated and on your back to allow gravity to help with the swelling. Most bruising should subside after about a two weeks, but initial swelling can last up to a month.


After 24-48 hours, the drain (if placed) is typically removed.  After the first week, your bandages and stitches will be removed and some may also dissolve on their own. You will also be able resume light activities and begin to wear makeup to conceal discoloration around two weeks post-operatively. 

Meet Your Facelift Surgeon, Dr. Marie Somogyi

Dr. Marie Somogyi is a double board-certified ophthalmic and facial plastic surgeon in Austin, TX. Her commitment to providing personalized treatment plans, coupled with her extensive medical education and advanced surgical techniques, has caused her to be recognized by patients and peers as a Texas Rising Star and a Top Doctor multiple years in a row, making her your choice as one of the best facelift surgeons in Texas.

A facelift procedure is a highly delicate surgical endeavor. It requires someone with technical skill, an artistic eye, and elevated experience to achieve the natural-looking result patients want to accomplish. For this reason, it’s vital to choose a plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation procedures who harbors a true passion for profession and success. 

Dr. Somogyi completed a two-year fellowship in ophthalmic plastic, orbit, and reconstructive surgery as an accredited fellow by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS). She also completed an accredited fellowship in facial cosmetic surgery through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). Dr. Somogyi strives to make every patient feel like a part of her family. Her years of extensive training and building renowned accreditations have equipped her with the tools she needs to create stunning, natural-looking results.

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