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Eyelid Cancer Treatment Options

Hearing your doctor say the word cancer can be one of the scariest moments of anyone’s life. Cancer can unfortunately grow on any part of the body, including the eyelids. When cells begin to take form at an unpredictable rate around the eyes, they can often form into a tumor. It is important to find out whether that tumor is cancerous.


If it is, it’s likely that this eyelid cancer is a form of skin cancer and should be treated immediately. Although this can be a scary experience, if treated early on and with the care and expertise of your surgeon, you can have the full function and appearance of your eyelids.


If you’ve recently been diagnosed with eyelid cancer, keep reading to learn more about the condition and treatment options.

What Causes Eyelid Cancer?

Before diagnosing the type of cancer that may be prevalent on your eyelid, your doctor will help you understand the causes of eyelid cancer. A variety of external factors can exacerbate this kind of cancer’s growth, with the most prevalent being prolonged UV radiation exposure. This exposure comes from things like the sun or tanning beds.


Eyelid cancer is most likely to form when the skin has been damaged by radiation. This can cause the cells to grow out of control, forming tumors on top of your skin. People who have fairer skin or spend less time in the sun are at a larger risk of developing eyelid cancer and should do everything in their power to prevent it.

What Are Some Symptoms of Eyelid Cancer?

By paying attention to some obvious indications of cancer, you can monitor whether or not your skin growth is something to be concerned with. As soon as you notice one of these warning signs, you should get in touch with your doctor and a specialized eyelid and facial plastic surgeon. Some early symptoms of eyelid cancer can include:


  • Constant eye infections
  • Changing the appearance of the skin on your eyelid
  • A growth on your eyelid that is growing
  • The growth becomes red, black, or brown
  • Ulcers and broken skin that won’t heal
  • Sudden loss of eyelashes

Eye Cancer Treatment Options

Dr. Malena M. Amato is a board-certified eyelid and facial surgeon who is well versed in the reconstruction of eyelids due to skin cancer. Dr. Amato often works with a MOHS cancer surgeon who will remove the eyelid cancer while Dr. Amato performs reconstructive surgery.


Many treatments involve removing the tumor and a little bit of healthy tissue around it to ensure there is no chance of it growing back. If cancer has spread further, your doctor may prescribe you a different topical ointment to keep it at bay. This is when Dr. Amato will come in and reconstruct your eyelid to the point where it regains its original function and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Schedule Your Eyelid Reconstructive Treatment in Austin, TX

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