Make a Great First Impression, Even When Wearing a Mask!

These days, says Dr. Amato, the eyes are your primary source of communication and facial expression as we try to remain safe and responsible behind our masks. You can still make a warm, inviting, and attractive first impression by refreshing your eyes!

What are My Options?

There are many ways to reduce the signs of stress, fatigue, and aging around your eyes with little effort and downtime. This can start with good skin care, including eye moisturizers, retinol to reduce fine lines, and sunscreen to protect against the ravages of the sun and pigment spots.

Injectables such as fillers can reduce hollows or deep circles below your eyes, enhance and lift your brows and decrease the deep furrows between your eyes. Botulinum treatments can soften your wrinkles, lift your brow, and reduce frown lines and crow’s feet; some say it even makes you feel less stressed. Injectables can be performed in the office with relatively no downtime.

A blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, is a procedure to remove excess skin and tissue that can often be performed in the office. In just under an hour you can reverse aging by 10 years. Healing time for bruising and swelling typically takes 1-2 weeks, and discomfort is minimal.

Brow lifts or forehead lifts can reduce heavy, hooded eyelids while also elevating the forehead. Recovery is similar, though brow lifts are often performed in an outpatient surgery center under light sedation. Laser resurfacing procedures such as fractionated CO2 significantly reduces wrinkles and blotchy pigment around the eyes, resulting in smoother skin and a brightened complexion. 

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These procedures can often be performed in combination to give your eyes the best most refreshed results!

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