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Giving Back

Dr. Amato and her husband chose to settle and practice in Austin because they believe they share the spirit of giving back that so many people here possess. They also wanted a grounded place to raise their children and a platform from which they can continue to spread their joy of taking care of patients in significant need both locally and around the world.  Since training at Stanford University Hospital, where they met, they have both participated in dozens of surgical mission trips around the world, (even on their honeymoon in Egypt), performing facial and cleft lip reconstructive surgeries, and it has been a cornerstone of their marriage.

Recently, they brought their children for the first time on a family medical mission trip together to Cambodia. They believed that their two boys (aged 8 and 10), were finally old enough to contribute to their medical team and to be exposed to the hardships of living in a third-world country. While they were busy taking care of their patients, their athletic child organized various ball games for the school kids waiting to be seen, while their mathematically inclined son helped the Singapore pharmacists set up the clinic, organize medicines, and count pills for patients. One lucky local child even earned their son’s Cowboys football jersey. The children toured the villages and visited the sick in their homes. They stocked food for the villagers and gathered coconuts to bring to the parched doctors. The boys were hot, tired, and sometimes fussy (as they all were), but returned with a new sense of accomplishment, awareness, and humility, and were soon begging to go on another trip together.

John and Dr. Amato have enjoyed participating in both local and international groups with organizations such as Austin Smiles, About Face, International Medical Relief Foundation, Eyes on Africa, Medical Missions for Children and SEE International to name a few.  They look forward to more family trips abroad, but they are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful local community who offer opportunities right in their backyard.  Their oldest son may still want to be a race car driver when he grows up, but he is empowered with the ability and empathy to help others no matter what he chooses to do and that is indeed a gift.

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