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Look Your Best at any Age

Looking Your Best at any Age with Drs. Amato & Somogyi

We believes that maintaining a natural, youthful appearance can be achieved at any age.  Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is aware of the facial changes that men and women go through with natural aging and tailors a unique treatment plan created for each. A realistic goal is to achieve a more refreshed version of you.

Here is a list of standard procedures within each age group; these interventions are often non-to minimally invasive, offering both preventative and minimally invasive treatments to achieve that goal. Ask for the latest specials at your personalized consultation.

What to Expect During your 20's and 30's

The most essential anti-aging remedy during this time is prevention. By this age, sun damage has already occurred, but it is not too late to minimize sun exposure and use sunblock. You may begin to notice results from sun exposure including dark spots, freckles the beginnings of a few wrinkles. Fine lines can start developing around the eyes, called crows feet, forehead and corners of your mouth. This is the time to consider daily sunscreen of at least SPF 30, moisturizer, and anti-aging skin care regimens. Some may even consider Botox® or other neurotoxins to prevent the formation of deeper lines from facial expression. Acne may be an issue and consulting with your dermatologist may be necessary.

What to Expect During your 40's and 50's

The signs of aging, reduced elasticity, sun spots, and wrinkles become more apparent with age. Facial volume loss begins in the 40s resulting in thinner lips, pronounced lines, deflation of cheeks and tissue around the eyes and temples. The face starts to sag overall with gravitational descent causing saggy upper eyelids and brows, and jowls. Women start making less estrogen as they approach menopause, which stimulates collagen and oil production. This can manifest as dry skin and fine lines and an overall change in the texture and tone of your skin. Deep-set wrinkles become more pronounced. Daily skin care anti-aging routine is recommended and sunscreen. Evaluation by a dermatologist for skin cancer screening may be necessary especially for those with fair skin and significant sun exposure.

Treatments such as Botox® and fillers can improve volume and reduce wrinkles and improving overall tired or angry appearance. More volumizing fillers may be beneficial to lift the midface from gravitational descent and reduce nasolabial folds. Fractional laser resurfacing is an effective treatment for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sun and age spots. Facial surgery such as blepharoplasty, brow lift, mini face or cheek lift can offer a more dramatic reduction in the effects of aging.

Patient Experiences

I have visited multiple plastic surgeons in the Austin area for an issue I have had with my aging eyes. Dr. Amato has made a substantial improvement. My experiences with other doctors does not compare to Dr. Amato. Dr. Amato's office staff was very responsive and my appointments are very convenient. I find them all very down to earth versus many plastic surgeon offices. Ashley is very responsive & supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Amato!

What to Expect in Your 60's +

There is no age limit to taking care of your skin and using sunscreen. More and more people are active and living longer and want to minimize the effects of aging. Women and men in their 70s and 80s may also benefit from various aesthetic procedures as long as they remain in stable health to reduce the risks associated with surgery. Eyelid and brow lifts may become medically necessary to not only improve appearance but to strengthen their visual field and thus surgery can help maintain an active lifestyle. Skin cancer monitoring is vital for early detection and treatment.

For further information on an optimal treatment plan designed specifically for your, call our office to schedule a consultation!

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