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What our patients are saying...

Dr. Amato is the best. Her work is so skilled and perfect. No one knows why your eyes look so good. They just do.

Dr. Amato is the best at what she does and her staff is top notch. They are very detailed and dedicated to giving you the best outcome. I recently had an upper blepharoplasty, and couldn't be more pleased with my results. As a medical professional myself, I did my research and having several patients that I see that have had excellent results with Dr. Amato. I knew she was the best choice. I couldn't recommend her more and will continue to refer my ocular plastic patients to her."

Superb treatment. All staff most professional. A “Doctor’s Doctor”

Getting an eyelid lift has been a total game changer. I’m so happy with it.Dr. Amato did such a great job. It looks very natural and Dr. Amato has been very kind and helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Amato.

I think she is probably the best. I looked really good after 2 weeks and look better every day. I had essentially no bleeding and no weeping on either eye. She recommends a special mask after surgery, and that really reduced swelling and bruising. The surgery center she uses is first rate with great staff, as well. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Amato.

One of the best experiences I have ever had in a doctor's office. All the staff is friendly, professional & informative. Dr. Amato is extremely likable and approachable. She is very accomplished & experienced. I love the outcome of my previous procedure. I will be back for future maintenance.

Dr. Amato is an absolute fantastic physician. I make it a rule to never recommend doctors but I am pleased to recommend her. She is very good.

I have visited multiple plastic surgeons in the Austin area for an issue I have had with my aging eyes. Dr. Amato has made a substantial improvement. My experiences with other doctors does not compare to Dr. Amato. Dr. Amato's office staff was very responsive and my appointments are very convenient. I find them all very down to earth versus many plastic surgeon offices. Ashley is very responsive & supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Amato!

“Best experience ever. I went in deathly afraid as I had a bad experience with another doctor with some benign eye tumors and blocked ducts. Dr. Amato was amazing and patient. Most importantly she is highly trained and skilled. She comes with the credentials but also a following of loyal clients which is evident in her rankings. Her staff , from the front desk team members, to the nurses, are outstanding. On top of all that, they have some of the best skin care line products in the world. My life has literally been changed overnight thanks to Dr. Amato and her state of the art team and facility! Thank you for getting ME back to looking like ME!!! Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude!”

I do not know enough words of gratitude for what you have done for me. You showed me a kindness that most people today do not show. Thank you for your unconditional attention and for your compassion for my health. I am deeply grateful for your act of benevolence that goes beyond the call of being a doctor.

I want to thank Dr. Amato for her truly outstanding performance in all aspects of the art and science of healing. Her gentleness, insight skill and concern set new standards for the medical profession!

Professional but not complacent. Friendly and caring. Asked lots of questions during the e procedure to keep my mind entertained and calm. It worked. Thanks so much.

The nurses and doctor were very friendly, explained everything about my procedure and I felt relax. Keep up the excellent work!

Your taking care of my injury and kindness and care helped me through a very difficult time.

Everyday I am delighted with my appearance. Your exemplary skill shows in the terrific results. You are truly gifted, both as a surgeon and as a communicator. I am deeply grateful for all you’ve done, for my eyes and for my life.

Your professional expertise, planning and sincere care for the well being of your patients is truly appreciated. Wow! What else can I say?

I have had several day surgeries and procedures; this was by far the best. I choose my health care by provider, not facility, so I will highly recommend Dr. Amato.

Never have I experienced the care and follow up you and your team provided. Sincere appreciation.

I am forever grateful for your great surgeon hands, your kindness and care before, during and after my surgery. Cheers!

Thank you Dr. Amato for taking good care of my eyes with your talent, skill and kindness!

You are a great physician and a wonderful person. I am blessed to have you as a colleague and a friend.

Thank you so much for helping me find the smile that makes me proud. You and your team are God’s angels and thank you all!

I will always remember your kindness during my mom’s eye surgery. My mom’s recovery was great. Again, thank you.

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