The Latest and Greatest Non-invasive Techniques

Whether you’re in your early 20s, mid-30s, or going into your 40s, you’ve probably considered one or more non-invasive procedures to help add some volume in a particular area or smooth away lines and wrinkles. Perhaps you’ve envied a friend’s results or took note of a celebrity’s reported treatment. Whatever may have piqued your interest, you’re likely to be wondering what procedures might be good for you. Board-certified oculoplastic expert Dr. Malena Amato recommends these non-invasive treatments as the latest and greatest for facial rejuvenation.


Botox is an injectable, purified protein that creates tighter, smoother skin by disrupting the connections between the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles. With the right amount in the right locations, it provides gorgeous results that help you look younger and well-rested, but never frozen or unnatural. Many Millenials use Botox for its preventative qualities to stop early signs of aging. If you start using Botox as soon as you notice subtle expression lines, you can prevent new lines from forming.

Lip Augmentation

Another non-invasive cosmetic tread that is amongst the latest and greatest is lip injections. Lip injections contain dermal fillers like Juvéderm, composed of hyaluronic acid gel that provides you with that sweet pout. After a topical numbing agent is applied to the area, Dr. Amato will inject the filler in and around the lips for the perfect contoured pout.

Laser Facial Resurfacing

This fractional laser treatment has become prevalent for minor skin imperfections like sunspots, dullness, and large pores. The painless procedure is done quickly and there is hardly any downtime associated, other than some mild redness that could be mistaken for a fun day in the sun without sunscreen. The procedure involves a laser wand being moved across your face to brighten skin tone and shrink enlarged pores.

TCA Peels

By removing old skin, new layers can grow in its place, resulting in brighter, clearer skin. The TCA peel is a gentle, versatile version of traditional chemical peels. It contains trichloroacetic acid, a more potent form of the organic acid found in vinegar. Different concentrations of this acid will produce different results. Milder TCA solutions require minimal downtime, while stronger solutions produce results more quickly but do involve some recovery time. They work by deeply exfoliating the skin on a cellular level, dislodging debris and allowing for fresh, new skin to glow.

Chin Fullness Reduction

Now there is a non-surgical, non-invasive way to treat the dreaded double chin. Kybella is a product that contains deoxycholic acid— a naturally occurring substance in the body that absorbs fat cells. These injectable fat busters can combat chin fullness more rapidly and with more minor discomfort than with methods prior.

The Best Non-Invasive Procedures in Austin, Texas

With over two decades of medical experience as a board-certified oculoplastic expert, Dr. Amato goes above and behind for your patients when it comes to care and results. She performs all of her treatments with gentleness and compassion and prides herself on making time for her patients even after procedures are complete. With Dr. Amato, your goals become her goals, and you’ll work towards them together.

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