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The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures by Age

You might have thought that cosmetic surgery procedures were only to help a specific group of middle-aged patients; however, these days, they’re proving to be more popular than ever for people of all ages.

Dr. Amato believes that even with the facial changes attributed to natural aging experienced by both men and women, it’s possible to achieve a youthful appearance at any age.  She will help you develop realistic goals to achieve a more refreshed version of you and, in doing so, will tailor a unique treatment plan specifically for you.

There is a choice of procedures available to you regardless of your age, and these would include both preventive and minimally invasive treatments to help you achieve your goals. And regardless of your age, it would be wise to consider adding a collection of skincare products like those Dr. Amato recommends.

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, arranged by age group, are below.

20s and 30s

Prevention is the most effective anti-aging remedy available to this age group. Already, you might be experiencing sun damage to your skin, but now is the time increase your usage of sunblock with an SPF rating of at least 30, which blocks 97% of the sun’s UVB rays.

Your 20s and 30s are also the decades to start managing and minimizing your exposure to the sun. That is especially true if you are noticing the formation of freckles, dark spots, and the start of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes (crow’s feet), forehead, and in the corners of your mouth.

Specific products and treatments you could additionally consider in your 20s and 30s include:

40s and 50s

As you age, you’ll increasingly notice an increase in wrinkles, sunspots, and reduced skin elasticity. Beginning in your 40s, you can expect a reduction of facial volume, and with it, thinner lips, deflation of tissue of the cheeks and around the eyes, not to mention more pronounced lines. And you’ll also see the effects of gravity as it starts to draw your face downward, affecting your jowls, brows, and upper eyelids.

The onset of menopause for women means the loss of estrogen and the resulting facial fine lines and dry skin. As wrinkles become more deep-set, it becomes vital to embrace daily skin care and anti-aging regimens, together with the application of copious amounts of sunblock. At this age, Dr. Amato recommends that you start regular skin cancer screenings with a dermatologist, especially if you have fair skin and a history of significant amounts of sun exposure.

Specific products and treatments you could additionally consider in this age group include:

60s and Beyond

While there is no age limit to taking care of your skin and using sunscreen, people in this age group also often have facelift surgeries to address sagging skin, wrinkles, and deflated cheeks, giving them a more youthful look. Not only are people in the later decades of their lives more active and living longer, but they also strive to minimize the visual effects of aging.

Eyelid and brow lifts may even become medically necessary to improve a person’s appearance, as well as to improve their visual field and thus help them maintain an active lifestyle. As with other age groups, skin cancer monitoring is vital for early detection and treatment.

Specific products and treatments you could additionally consider in this age group include:

Ready for Your Treatment?

Regardless of your age, Dr. Amato’s wide range of skin care products, procedures, and treatments can help you achieve a younger-looking, healthy skin and a more refreshed version of you. For complete information on an optimal treatment plan designed and customized specifically for you, call Dr. Malena Amato at her Austin, TX, practice at 512-501-1010 for a skin care consultation!