Types of Eyelid Surgery and the Essential Checklist for Getting It Done

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what happens when those eyes appear hooded or hidden by the eyelids? There are different types of eyelid surgery designed to make you look and see better, improving your quality of life. Most patients don’t fully understand these distinctions between operations or how to choose which one is best for them. Here is a brief explanation of each.


Also known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty repositions, or eliminates fat to diminish eyelid bulges that cause a puffy effect. It can also remove excess skin to deliver a youthful, alert appearance. Upper eyelid surgery resolves drooping eyelids, making you look and feel more refreshed. Lower eyelids surgery addresses undereye circles and puffiness, delivering a well-rested, youthful beauty of years past.

Ptosis Repair Surgery

Ptosis is also known as drooping eyes. It is usually a sign of age, but it can develop in younger patients as well. Ptosis repair surgery involves lifting only the upper lids. This operation manipulates the eyelid muscles that weaken over time. Using this external approach, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Melina Amato trims away excess skin to repair ptosis without an incision over the eyelid.

Eyelid Revision

This operation addresses any complications that may occur after the initial eyelid surgery. These problems usually happen when a non-qualified surgeon performs the procedure.  As a qualified oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Amato is well-acquainted with eyelid revision surgery to correct issues around the eyes. She prides herself on delivering exceptional, natural results.

Asian Blepharoplasty

Because about half of people of East Asian descent deal with a partial crease or no crease at all in their eyelids, Asian blepharoplasty is a popular operation. Asian or double blepharoplasty creates a crease in the upper lid to help improve clarity in the patient’s vision while addressing their cosmetic concerns.

Brow Lift

Although technically not surgery on the eyelids, a brow lift does resolve furrowed, heavy brows. This operation will help make a patient look beautiful and more alert. It can also provide a clear line of sight for the patient, making life that much easier.

Eyelid Surgery in Austin, Texas

The precise care of an experienced oculoplastic surgeon can resolve eyelid sagging and deliver more definition to the eyelids. These benefits are possible without eliminating your natural beauty or heritage. If you need help with cosmetic or functional issues involving your eyelids, contact Dr. Amato today for a personal consultation. She will be happy to help you explore a path to facial beauty and enhanced confidence.